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Social media communication is where people share all their daily happenings with a group or community. And if you have any idea or information, let everyone know by posting or sharing it.

If there is any discussion, Social Media is a perfect platform to share it with each other. Nowadays, social media people can know a lot of information in advance and easily tell everyone. They also create a group and easily share information and discussion with each other.

There are currently many social media platforms. For example: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more, including Linkedin. Where everyone is connected to each other, no matter where you are in the world, you can easily stay very close to each other on social media.

Key Features of Social Media:

Social media is a platform where everyone can connect with each other, build relationships with each other, create a community, and communicate with each other easily.

Social media is not just a community, and you can call it a marketing tool—the perfect platform for tracking the targeted audience and generating sales.

Social media communication not only allows you to hear everything but also gives you the opportunity to comment on the thing and tell you whether it is good or bad.

You can share your personal opinion, any invention, any idea and any of the best you see, or anything legally you have on your social profile wall. Everyone who is connected with you can see it and appreciate you about it. Be able to comment.

There are many social platforms today, but there are a few popular platforms that are very popular and consist of many large communities. Here are some of them:

Facebook and Messenger: 

Facebook is the largest social media communication platform in the world and the Marketing Platform. Facebook is called the center of entertainment. There are more than 1.50 billion active visitors per month. There is an opportunity to do everything, including Messenger conversation, a post published, share, groups, and business pages. Here you can enjoy your leisure time by connecting with friends.

Similarly, if you have a business, it is the best platform for growth. Here you can market your business by tracking the targeted audience and targeted location. Facebook is currently the first position in the world of Social Media Marketing.


A popular social media platform like Twitter and Facebook, but it is not like full Facebook; there are many things that you have limitations. This is called the Microblogging platform. Here you can, Twitte. However, you cannot write more than 140 characters here. Also, here you can connect with each other, exchange short messages easily. And you can express your thoughts with your followers.


Youtube is called a social platform, but it is not a social platform. This is called Social Video Sharing Platform. Here you have to create a channel, and there you can just share your videos, and comment on other people’s videos. You can also call YouTube a Marketing Platform.

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Skype is a popular conversation platform. Where you can talk to each other through video, audio, Group Conversation, Group Video Call, Personal conversation, and you can share various small files Picture, Massage to each other through it.


Whatsapp likes Skype and similar social platforms. In addition to file sharing, you can talk to each other in HD quality video audio calls. You can share videos, audios, photos, small files, and talk to each other in other conversations, including group conversations.


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Instagram is a perfect platform for sharing photos or videos. Where you can share your story, video, the picture for free, and also communicate with each other. Before leaving your image here, you can edit your image using Digital Filter as you like.

And share it with everyone. This is also a Marketing Social Media Site.


Snapchat is a platform where you can share with your friends, Groups, or conversation, your photos, videos, and can be connected to each other through massage. And here, you can set up your story, which will be visible to your friends for up to 24 hours.


Linkedin is called Professional Group and Social Media. Many use it as a portfolio, and many use it as a job search platform. Here you can connect with the people of your profession. And you can share your profession with everyone.


Today’s article is a short article on the Social Media Communication Platform and Social Media Marketing Platform, where we have tried to highlight some of the popular Social Media Platforms. I hope you like it very much. If you like it, stay with us. And share the article with your friends.

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