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KMPlayer the Best Quality in the World

KMPlayer & History :

K-Multimedia Player, in short KMPlayer or KMP, the most popular player around the World. To download kmplayer for Android, Linux, Windows & Mac where a lot of features like VCD, HDML, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, AAC, WMA 7, 8, WMV, RealMedia, FLV and QuickTime are supported genuinely.

Feel free to download kmplayer because it supports almost all the types of versions of any video format. The main origin of this player is Korea. This amazing player is mainly programmed by Gang Yonghui, a Korean citizen. This player was firstly released on 1 October 2002. From that time this multimedia player started its work officially. After that, KMPlayer was sold by the main author to Pandora TV on 5 March 2008. This player is a free software to use. From the version this multimedia player was named KMPlayer or KMP.

How to download KMPlayer : 

KMPlayer is the best quality player which is available for downloading the format for Android, Linux, Windows and iOS.

Download KMPlayer for Windows

Download KMPlayer for Android

Download KMPlayer for Linux

Download KMPlayer for iOS

On the other hand you can download this media player from the goggle plays tore directly.

Download KMPlayer Now

One can use any way to download this one of the most popular media player from any links of the above very easily. This is one of the well known media player between all players exist on web.

Features of KMPlayer :

This player is fully enriched with the high quality and regulation of video and audio range with a lot of options like audio, recording, video and subtitle formats, and allows users to capture audio, recording, video and screenshots, sounds effects, screen effects, URL downloading etc. some of them. This player also has the system of internal and external filters of audio and video processes. It sometimes works like the decoder system. 

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This player also has the system of increasing and decreasing system of playback speed controlling. One can also select the specific area to play that time of the video. We all are known about the facilities of subtitles to watch and understand the videos or the shows of the other languages. This player also supports a lot of subtitle formats.

Subtitles of KMPlayer for windows :

1. Unicode text subtitles

2. SAMI (.sami, .smi): Ruby tag support that is including almost every attribute in KMPlayer

3. SubRipText (.srt), MicroDVD (.sub), SMIL/RealText

4. SSA, HDML, ASS, USF (Ruby support)

5. VobSub, closed captions

6. Sasami 2K (S2k)

7. Embedded subtitles of ASF, HDML, MKV, OGM, MP4, MOV, VOB, 3GP

8. Text-to-speech for reading subtitles

9. Supports that can have up to three sets of subtitles simultaneously on their PC

There is plenty of fine to be said about KMPlayer but it’s not all clear sailing. Firstly, its extensive functionality could be a double-edged sword. you’ll jazz all with KMPlayer, but given that you recognize a way to hump all! That rules plenty of individuals out. Are you really able to learn the way to try to do it? this can be where another bombshell has got to land: KMPlayer doesn’t have a manual written in English. The sole thanks to find something out then means asking someone who knows, which is able to be time-consuming.

To the average user, these are very similar programs. All of them eagerly appeal to at least one or more categories of individuals. If you think about yourself as a complicated video player user then it’s a toss-up between KMPlayer, 5KPlayer, and Pot Player. If you think about yourself as a median user, not very fascinated by customizing settings and just want to look at your movie in peace, then choose VLC Media Player. It plays almost every video file type and, while it’s advanced settings, they’re hidden away so you won’t accidentally change something and, if you are doing don’t worry, it’s an English language manually.

Though it is a smooth player to work with, it has a problem with advertisements. There have no options to block ad in the KMPlayer. This creates some problems at the time of resuming the videos or the audios in the players. There also have some new features for this media player like that the URL search option. By this features one can see the videos from YouTube, twitter or Instagram and daily motion. But the condition is that the videos must be the downloadable videos. 

Play movies from file/URL using KMPlayer, Xine ( with *kxineplayer ) or GStreamer (with *kgstplayer), making the plugin support as many as possible and, because all three are embedded external programs, keeping conqueror from crashing’s, it keeps movie sizes ratio. Volume slider using backend players’ volume control and a volume slider using qumix or sound mixer applet (kicker) within the pop-down menu, position slider. There re JavaScript support for controlling the plugin from web page’s JavaScript, and after all preventing script errors on pages calling these functions, ‘Click to Play’ support for QuickTime’s brief attribute, lots of attributes supported, AUTOSTART, FULLSCREENMODE, CONSOLE, CONTROLS etc. Also, the CONSOLE/CONTROLS for RealPlayer plugin, allows KMPlayer to ‘split-up’ over multiple objects.

There are also the bookmark menu within the popup menu, so you’ll be able to easily bookmark a stream for later w/o having to go to the net site all the time, support for typical used playlist formats as ASX, RAM, m3u, pls, partially SMIL and multi-media links in podcast RSS or ATOM feeds and a dock able viewer for it. this permits you to easy navigate or bookmark certain streams. The recording using encoder, KMPlayer -upstream, Xin’s marl extension or ffmpeg

resize/full screen support proxy settings from conqueror are accustomed set http_proxy environment variable for backend processes, configurable pattern matching for KMPlayer and straightforward Xin configuration editor. Let’s start a discussion about the KMPlayer in details : 

KMPlayer Main Homepage Look :

one should select the KMPlayer as the browser default media player and start a video. Or just right press on one video and one can see the media players then select the KMPlayer and one can see the 1st page. Main home is the first page after opening the software. This is the page where all the videos and the audios are displayed on. 

km player for windows
KMPlayer Homepage

Video resume and start options : 

At the lower side of the homepage, there are some options for managing the video systems. 1st upper look arrow is to see all the files of the device. Middle point is for on and pause option of the video and the left and right side arrow button is for previous and next video. And the rectangle button is for stop all the videos and make the software total clean.

KMPlayer Video Pause & Restart

At the rightside bottom corner of the homepage there is the option for controlling the volume system.

History Playlist :

History playlist is the option where we can find all the played videos which have been seen before. Here all the videos can be found.

KMPlayer History Playlist

Settings :

After history playlist option, the settings option can be found. Here one can change the video background looking and systems, sounds systems, playback controls, subtitles controls, miscellaneous controls and also the general settings. In the general settings different types of controrals can be found. In there all the programs can be controlled in the described way.

KMPlayer Settings
KMPlayer General Settings

URLDownload :

This KMPlayer for windows has an interesting option. The option is URL downloads. In this option one can easily see the videos of the different places’ like Facebook, twitter, YouTube or the Instagram. Just copy the link and paste the URL on the URLDownload. You can also download the videos. But its is needed that the videos must be downloadable.

KMPlayer URLDownload

VR 360 degree Video Play :

In this option one can change the video rotation option.

KMPlayer VR 360 degree Video Play

Quick Menu :

Quick menu is a option where all the options can be found in a short list option.

KMPlayer Quick Menu

Open URL :

Open URL is a option where one can open the videos in the midst of the device. By the URL one can open any videos from the computer.

KMPlayer Open URL

At last this KMPlayer for windows is the best user friendly media player in this world. it works in all types of video format. So it has achieved the popularity among the world people.

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